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Burglary up 200% in some San Francisco neighborhoods

San Francisco Burglary - Part 1

Burglary has been steadily increasing over the past twelve months in San Francisco.  On average, citywide, it is up about 15%.

Geek Note:  Most types of crime, including Robbery and Assault, are on a down trend in San Francisco.  Burglary is not indicative of overall crime.


This post will show that burglary rates are doubling in some neighborhoods — but actually falling in others.

Search:  Burglary rates citywide

First, lets look at burglary rates in San Francisco during 2018 by using Illuminated City Search.

Search delivers a 3-D visualization of a city, where the altitude/opacity of the "overcast" indicates the relative frequency of "searched" events.  Just below is a search on all burglary crime types for 2018.

Burglary rates are clearly very different in different neighborhoods.  That is useful but it does not say where the increases are.

Two Searches:  Are rates changing?

We can look at how the rate has changed by performing two Searchs.  Let's search on the last six months and the previous six months.  We can compare them visually.

You see the results on the right.  The burglary rates, shown by the two Searchs looks different.  It's different "terrain", right?

Geek Note:  Since Search results are normalized, eyeballing the "terrain heights" in the two images may be misleading.

This shows that the rates have changed but it is hard to see, by eye, where exactly it increased or decreased.  This brings us to our next Illuminated City feature.


CompareWhere are rates changing?

The Compare feature takes two Searchs, like the two above, and compares them. The results are color-coded so you can see where the increases or decreases are.

This is interesting!  Burglary rates in most of the city have decreased.  But they have increased in a few areas — by a lot!  How much?  The Target feature tells us.

Geek Note:  In places where the "before" Search has too little data, Compare will show nothing.


Target:  Specific details

The Target feature allows you to click one area on the map and see the underlying details of all searched incidents, including the record id, crime type, district and date/time.  If weapon or location type are available, those are shown too.

Since a Compare consists of two Searches, Target shows incidents from both searches and color codes them to help you differentiate.

The chart below shows a summary of four Target selections aiming to show information for the areas with the greatest rise in burglaries.


Next post:  More resolution on SF burglary trends

Our next post builds on this one, giving more actionable information about SF Burglaries, using "cycles".

We explain what cycles are, and how Illuminated City uses them to provide detailed actionable information for law enforcement.

San Francisco Burglary - Part 2, time-of-day patterns

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